Q&A Friday #2: How Do I Choose Stories To Write About?

Question: “How do you choose what stories to blog on and what to leave out, you miss some pretty big important stories and hit on some pretty odd ones. Is it simply personal whim or are you trying to fit a niche that isn’t in the blogs you read or what?” — Christopher_Taylor

Answer: Well, first off, I figure that I’m going to cover just about everything RWN’s readers need to be informed about on the political scene in the daily news section. So whether I write about it or not, people are going to have a chance to read about it.

Secondly, I try to only write about things that pique my interest, that I have a clear opinion about, or when I have something to say everyone else isn’t already saying. Also, I prefer to talk about things other people aren’t discussing and that I haven’t covered in depth (at least whatever aspect of the issue I’m discussing).

So because of that, there are some “hot” stories I don’t write about. But, if I don’t have anything unique to add, I figure I’m boring people by just saying something my readers can get read on a dozen other blogs and websites.

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