Q&A Friday #2: The Problem With International Law & The UN

Question: “You have a very low opinion of the UN, on the grounds that it’s corrupt and overly influenced by morally questionable governments, and have suggested it should be ignored and discredited wherever possible.

How about reforming it instead, or failing that aiming to completely replace it with something that does what the UN is supposed to do?

To put it another way, do you think there’s something fundamentally undesirable about international law and international bodies with power over states, or do you merely dislike what currently exists? If you could reshape the UN and the ICJ as you wished, how would you?” — minamikuni

Answer: First off, let me say that I don’t have a problem with cooperating with other nations, abiding by treaties, or in general terms, trying to make the world a better place for everyone.

However, I do have a basic and fundamental problem with international bodies exerting power over the United States. Simply put, Americans and Americans alone should have the right to judge other Americans, decide what our laws are going to be, decide how our military is going to be used, etc, etc.

It doesn’t matter what sort of reform or changes are implemented at the UN, that’s not going to change.

You see, even if the UN were made up of nothing but “friendly,” Democratic nations, they still couldn’t be trusted. That’s because even nations like Britain, Australia, & Israel don’t share all of our values, don’t look at the world the same way we do, and have their own interests that don’t necessarily coincide with ours. So why in the world should they be making decisions that Americans are currently making for themselves?

In short, the more power that’s by our politicians to international bodies, the less freedom US citizens have over our own lives, which is why I believe a weak and ineffective UN is in America’s interest.

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