Q&A Friday #21: Is There A Schism In The Democratic Ranks?

Question: “With a popular leftwing pundit like Kos openly attacking the DLC for being “too conservative”, do you foresee a schism within the Democratic ranks in the immediate future?” — Good_Ol_Boy

Answer: Despite what a lot of people seem to think, the Democrats are actually much more split than Republicans.

As the party has relentlessly veered to the left over the last 40 years or so, a huge rift has opened up between the old school Harry Truman, John Kennedy, DLC style Democrats and the radical left wingers like Kos, Michael Moore, & the Move-On crowd.

The Democrats who are a bit more middle-of-the road probably outnumber the ultra-lefties, but they can’t match them in visibility, fund raising, or passion. So, the ultra-lefties tend to have the lion’s share of power in the party. This is unfortunate for the Democratic Party because the DLC crowd is actually much more politically savvy and closer to the mainstream than the Kossacks.

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Both sides would like to gain supremacy because they believe it would bring success for the Party. The DLC people believe — correctly, I might add — that a more moderate image would help them win elections. Team Kos, on the other hand, thinks they just need to be more openly loud & liberal to pave the way to victory.

The names may change, but essentially these two groups have been slugging it out for decades as the Democratic Party has spiraled downward. Expect that to continue at least through 2008. If the Democrats lose their third Presidential election in a row, then maybe that’ll be enough to wake them up to the problems the loopiest of their liberal brethren are causing…or maybe not. It should already be pretty obvious to anyone who follows politics at this point that a liberal agenda is a big loser in most of the country…

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