Q&A Friday #21: Would You Ever Support A Democrat For President?

Question: “Are there any Dems that you would support for the Presidency over some of the “less desirable” Republican candidates? I know you don’t have a lot of faith in a Rice candidacy (for example), but are there any Dems that, if given the nod, you would support instead of her (or another choice that is not very representative of your views)?”

This one should be addressed.” mr2trucker

“I’ll second that, (or am I third?).” — dhermesc

Answer: It doesn’t matter if it’s Zell Miller (D) vs. John McCain (R); you don’t ever vote for the Democrat over a Republican for the Presidency.

Let me explain why.

As a politician, your political base is vitally important. They’re the ones on “your side,” who give you money, who volunteer for your campaign, and who either vote for you or not at all. Pleasing this group of people is essential to your success. So even though you want to pull people in the middle to you, you don’t want to alienate your base when you do it.

On some issues, politicians are just not allowed to leave the reservation at all. Any deviation from a certain set pattern will be viewed as a betrayal. On other issues that the base doesn’t care about as much, politicians can go against the grain of the party, but they’re going to feel enormous pressure to appease their base in other areas to make up for it.

So in a sense, a candidate is not a free agent who can set out on any course he chooses. Instead, he’s always a captive to the interests of his party’s base.

Putting this in real world terms, if you have a pro-life Democrat in the White House, he’s still not going to appoint a judge to the SCOTUS who’ll overturn Roe v. Wade. He just can’t do that because his base would turn on him if he knowingly put a pro-life judge on the Supreme Court.

On other issues, like let’s say welfare, a Democratic Candidate may very well feel that he has the latitude to take a position that much of the Party disagrees with. However, on the other hand, he is going to feel enormous pressure to move back to the left on other issues to keep the base happy.

(*** Incidentally, this is the “art of politics” — finding issues where you can satisfy your base without offending people in the middle and also finding ways to pull in centrists without turning off your biggest supporters. ***)

What it all comes down to is that maybe some people in the middle may drift either way, but a Democratic President is never going to be able to truly satisfy conservatives and a Republican President will never be able to make liberals happy.

So whoever the candidate is for President, you vote Republican because even the worst RINO will better serve your interests than the most conservative Democrat.

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