Q&A Friday #26: Name Some Conflicts That Could Inspire A Movie

Question: “I have finished watching my Band Of Brothers DVD box set that I recently acquired, and I found it a brilliant series. However, seeing as Hollywood seems to be short of new material right now; do you believe that less well-known conflicts could inspire good films and TV series? I would be keen to see something about the Korean War that did not feature Hot Lips and B.J. Honeycutt.

It might just be my nationality, but I believe that a film or series about Australian soldiers in Vietnam (yes, we did send them) would resonate quite well with an American audience; firstly, it’s a story that many Americans might not have heard before, and secondly many people might like to see one of its allies chipping in at a time when many others bailed.

Or perhaps I’m just tired of old TV shows and comic book adaptations. Anyhow, your thoughts.” — lmbrjk

Here are five suggestions. Do keep in mind that some of these events may have already been covered in older or non-memorable movies.

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Guadalcanal in WW2: US troops that were outnumbered, undermanned, and often cut off from America desperately fought the Japanese from August of 1942 until victory was achieved in February of 1943. Throw in marine hero Chesty Puller and several key naval battles and you’d have one hell of a war movie.

The Battle of Thermopylae: A movie based on this battle, adapted from the incredible book, “Gates of Fire,” is rumored to be on the way, but who knows if it will actually be made.

300 Spartans along with some other Greeks, held off a massive Persian army intent on conquering Greece. The Spartans fought to the last man in order to buy time for the rest of Greece to prepare for the invasion. Because of their skill, courage, and tenacity — along with a Greek naval victory at Salamis — Greece was saved from the Persian hordes.

Cortes vs. the Aztecs: This movie would produce some stunning battle scenes because Cortes literally won fights in which his men were outnumbered 50+ to 1. Plus, you’d have human sacrifices, lots of exotic visuals, and who better than Antonio Banderas to play the lead? The only thing is that you have to wonder if Hollywood would have the guts to portray Cortes, who admittedly was a ruthless man, as the good in the fight against the savage and evil Aztec civilization.

The Aftermath of the Munich Massacre: Steven Spielberg is shooting a movie about this, although it’s hard to know how good it’ll be. After the Palestinian terrorist group, Black September, murdered Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympic Games, the Israelis retaliated with operation Wrath of God. Gold Meir sent the Mossad after the terrorists and gave them permission to take the terrorists out anywhere they could find them, including in Europe.

That has the potential to make one hell of a good movie if Spielberg handles it right.

The Life of Alexander the Great: Oliver Stone’s movie “Alexander” was absolutely terrible. Here he is doing a movie about one of the greatest conquerors of all-time and he turned it into a soap opera featuring an effeminate Alexander with “mother issues.” Heck, there wasn’t even that much action in the movie. It was a just a bomb all the way around.

That’s unfortunate because Alexander’s life does merit a movie, but after Stone’s enormous flop, it seems doubtful that a decent film will ever be made.

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