Q&A Friday #26: What About The Riots In France?

Question: “What’s the deal with the riots going on over in France? Is is just a riot? Or is it a Muslim revolution? Why are we not hearing alot about it on the mainstream press?” — Scorched_Earth

Answer: You allow enormous numbers of immigrants to come into your country, you make only minimal efforts to assimilate them, and then you throw in a high unemployment rate and a cushy welfare system that guarantees large numbers of them will remain unemployed, and it’s not surprising that you end up with riots. Those are lessons we here in America should take to heart.

As far as the mainstream press goes, there are a lot of embarrassing topics that this touches on for old media libs: These riots make France look bad, prominently feature Muslim violence, and this also shows the negative impact of multi-culturalism and the welfare state. Given that, it’s not surprising that they’d want to ignore what’s happening as long as they can.

By the way, if you want to see some really excellent commentary about these riots, read what Mark Steyn said about them yesterday on the Hugh Hewitt show:

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“I went to one of these suburbs that’s currently ablaze three years ago. And what was interesting to me is I had to bribe a taxi driver a considerable amount of money just to take me out there. They’re miserable places. But what was interesting to me is that after that, I then flew on to the Middle East, and I was in Yemen, and a couple of other places. And what was interesting to me was that I found more menace in the suburbs of Paris than I did in some pretty scary places in the Middle East. I mean, there is a real…this, I think, is the start of a long Eurabian civil war we’re witnessing here.

…They’re places where people who are not Muslim feel very ill at ease. They’re places where the writ of the French state does not run. The police don’t police there. They basically figure if you go there, you’re on your own. You’re taking your own chances there. I mean, I don’t think Americans understand quite the degree of alienation of some of these groups.

…(E)ssentially, you’re dealing with communities that are totally isolated from the mainstream of French life. Where all kinds of practices that wouldn’t be tolerated, that are not officially tolerated by French law, such as polygamy, for example. Polygamy is openly practiced in these…in les Bonlier, as they call these suburbs, these Muslim quarters of Paris. I mean, we’re talking about five miles from the Elysee Palace. Five miles from where Jacques Chirac sits.”

Read it all, because Steyn had a lot of interesting things to say about this topic and when he emphasizes that this is the beginning, not the end of a problem for Europe, I think he’s right.

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