Q&A Friday #29: If You Could, Would You Go Back In Time And Kill Hitler?

Question: “Would you go back in time and kill Hitler as a teenager if possible? As a baby?” — oneisnotprime

Answer: Even if you could go back in time and kill Hitler, it probably wouldn’t have prevented WW2 and it’s entirely possible that it could have made things worse.

After all, Hitler did not rise to power out of the void. The Germans were a warlike people who were furious over the Treaty of Versailles and it seems likely that they would have eventually started another big war, with or without Hitler.

Furthermore, Hitler made a lot of really dumb military decisions. If let’s say the war had started about the same time with a more competent leader in charge or even worse, a few years later, when it’s entirely possible that Germany might have been the first nation to develop the atomic bomb, the Axis could very well have come out on top.

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So even though World War 2 was a nightmare never matched before or since in the annals of world history, a victory for Germany would have plunged the world into a new Dark Age so I’d prefer to stand pat rather than risk it.

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