Q&A Friday #29: What If You Were On A Desert Island And Had To Choose Between Books And Blogs?

Question: “Would you rather be trapped on a desert island with A)the collected written works of mankind but no net access, or B)no books but you have net access which lets read only your top 5 blogs, no posting or calling for help.” — oneisnotprime

Answer: If you’re on a boring desert island, of course you’d want access to everything ever written instead of 5 blogs that probably have 25 posts of substance on them a day tops. If you took the 5 blogs, what would you do with the other 23 1/2 hours a day?

Besides, having that many books would not only be entertaining and informative, it would be useful. You could use all the books written by Chomsky for kindling, make paper airplanes out of the pages of books by New York Times columnists, make the word “Help” on the beach in giant letters with all the fawning books about celebrities and liberal politicians, and then fling books by animal rights advocates at random monkeys and birds in an attempt to kill dinner.

That’s why the collected written works of mankind wins in a landslide.

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