Q&A Friday #39: What Are Your Thoughts On The Moussaoui Verdict?

Question: “John, what are your thoughts on the Moussaoui verdict?” — Kingfisher

Answer: I think it was a big mistake to send Moussaoui through the American court system. It’s simply not properly equipped to deal with foreign terrorists and to tell you the truth, if Moussaoui wasn’t such a huge idiot, he might have beaten the system entirely and found a way to get acquitted.

That’s why I think they should have sent Moussaoui to Gitmo where he could have gone in front of a military tribunal, gotten a nice, fair trial and then — hopefully — a nice, fair hanging. But, at this point, that’s water under the bridge and it looks like the only way Moussaoui is going to get what he deserves is if he’s fatally shanked in prison.

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