Q&A Friday #39: What Do You Think Of Vlogs?

Question: “I noticed that video blogging seems to be getting more popular on the web these days. Michelle Malkin has a new website where she feature these video blogs or vlogs. What do you think of vlogs? And where do you think they will be in the future?” — Scorched_Earth

Answer: In every way, Michelle Malkin was the perfect person to start up a vlog.

— She has a huge audience and judging by the Sitemeter count at Hot Air, it looks like she’s brought about 1/3 to 1/2 of her audience from her regular blog over with her.

— It’s a visual medium with a mostly male audience and she’s a beautiful woman.

— Michelle’s regular blog gets paid through Pajamas Media, but her new blog goes through Blogads. So, even though there is probably a lot of crossover in audiences, she should have no problem double dipping and selling a lot of advertising on both blogs.

— Michelle is high profile enough that there are probably cable networks that would consider giving her a show. Her daily vent gets her more “on air” practice and demos, which may make her even more of an attractive pick-up if, let’s say, MSNBC wanted to replace a loser like Keith Olbermann with someone who may be able to draw decent ratings.

Add Michelle’s success to that of Expose the Left and you can definitely see there’s some potential in vlogging.

That being said, my guess is that most political bloggers who dip their toes into video blogging will do something more like Pam is doing over at Atlas Shrugs.

They’ll find a nice comfy place to sit down and then they’ll just riff on a topic. It’s not too time consuming for the blogger to put together or the reader to watch, it can fit right in on a blog in the place of a regular post, and may even be a nice change of pace.

So, can you expect to see a lot more video blogging? Absolutely. Will some people really take to the medium and have it add a lot of value to the content they’re putting out? Yes. Could we even see some very successful blogs that do nothing but vlogging? Sure. But, will video blogging replace blogging as we know in the foreseeable future? It seems unlikely. But still, vlogging is a great addition to the quiver for bloggers.

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