Q&A Friday #41: Is Bush A Globalist?

Question: Do you believe that George Bush is a globalist and if so do you believe that he is putting the global community ahead of the US?” — Marine_Momma

Answer No, I don’t think George Bush is a globalist, although I can understand why some people might think so.

Bush is, despite the softwood lumber and steel tariffs he has supported, a strong advocate of free trade, but so are most conservatives. Moreover, although Bush has wasted a lot of time dealing with the UN in the war on terror, I think that’s mainly to provide cover for European allies like Tony Blair.

Then there’s immigration. Some people, most notably Jerome Corsi, have speculated that Bush wants to flood the country with immigrants to help create momentum for a North American Union, but that’s just wacky. Personally, I think Bush originally took the stance he has in order to cater to business interests and Hispanic groups and he has refused to change his mind because of his famous mule-like stubbornness. Is that right? I guess we won’t find out until some Bush insider writes a tell-all book in 2009, which I’ll probably be the first in line to buy.

What you’ve also got to remember is that Bush is the same guy who sent John Bolton to the UN and completely blew off the Kyoto and International Criminal Court treaties. Moreover, although he does do his best to try to bring other allies into the fold, Bush does not strike me as the sort of guy who lies awake at night wondering what he can do to get France or Germany to like us more (That’s more of a John Kerry sort of thing).

Bush definitely has some flaws, but I don’t think one of them is that he’s a globalist who wants to hand our sovereignty over to the UN one day.

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