Q&A Friday #41: What Should Bloggers Link In An Article

Question: “When we newbie small fries are blogging, how do we know what is ethical to use? If we cite the source of all facts and quotes and link to them is that good enough or are there other legalities and niceties to consider?

Btw, Blogger help says they don’t support trackbacks.” — Anna_Venger

Answer: What should bloggers link in particular articles?

— If you quote from another source or use a picture from another source, you should link back.

— For the benefit of the reader, it’s probably a good idea to have a link to any controversial assertion so that people can see how you’re backing up that statement.

— It’s generally a good idea to link to any statistics, poll numbers, or obscure facts you use so people can see where you got them.

— It’s also a good idea, if possible, to give a hat tip to blogs that pointed you towards a particular story. That’s a much appreciated courtesy.

I think that should about cover it.

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