Q&A Friday #47: Is The Democrat Party Leadership Now Guilty Of Treason?

Question: “Is the democrat party leadership now guilty of treason? While they may not have undertaken any direct acts of sabotage to our military nor provided demonstrably substantive material support to this nation’s enemies, comments by many of the current party leadership now surpass levels of treasonous speech Tokyo Rose was guilty of. Howard Dean increasingly reminds me of the Irish-American traitor Lord Haw-Haw.” — Cartman

Answer: People have a right to strongly and publicly disagree with the government’s policies, domestic or foreign.

Does it mean they’re always right to do so? No.

Can their criticism sometimes embolden our enemies? Yes.

Is it fair to say that some of these people leveling these criticisms are very helpful to people who want to kill American troops and civilians? Yes.

But, unless they actually take the side of our enemies and actively try to help them defeat us, like Jane Fonda, John Walker, or the Rosenbergs, it’s a mistake to toss around the, “T word.”

Accusing people of treason is serious business since someone convicted of treason can be jailed or preferably, put to death. So, accusing someone of treason, is serious business.

So, Howard Dean, John Kerry, John Murtha, Ted Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Nancy Pelosi, etc.? I don’t think much of the way they’ve conducted themselves during this war, but they certainly haven’t committed treason.

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