Q&A Friday #47: What’s Up With The Left-Wing Ben And Jerry’s Ad?

Question: “What’s with the ice cream hippies pushing federal education spending in your blogads right? I understand taking their money, but who the heck matched that ad with your site? BTW, I clicked on the ad and read their spiel. Hilarious.” — Bull_Moose

Answer: I’m not sure why Ben and Jerry’s bought an ad on RWN and some other conservative blogs.

Maybe they figure that liberals already support buying health care for children that we nuke or not nuking children’s education facilities to begin with, or whatever it is that they’re trying to get across, and so they thought they should go where the fish were.

Either way, they make great ice cream and in my book, it’s better to have them spending their money at Right Wing News than with Michael Moore or Kos.

PS: Their Peanut Butter Cup™ Ice Cream? Mmmmmmm…

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