Q&A Friday #50: Bush And Iran

Question: “Will the Bush administration do what is necessary to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, or will it continue on its current course and pass the problem along to the next president?” — DavidC

Answer: The problem with evaluating our policy in Iran is that there are so many things the general public simply doesn’t know.

— We don’t really know what the Bush Administration is doing in Iran to ferment a revolution.

— We don’t really know how close the Iranians are to developing nukes.

— We don’t know if there’s some sort of internal coup in the works that the Bush Administration may be keeping an eye on.

Moreover, if the Bush Administration believes that they have a while before Iran develops nukes, it’s to our advantage to wait a little longer before bombing them in order to let Iraq continue to stabilize, so that the UN’s total incompetence on the matter will be more apparent, and because we’d prefer to see the Iranian people overthrow their regime.

Also, keep in mind that whatever Bush’s faults may be, one of them is not reluctance to confront difficult foreign policy matters. I’m very confident that if Bush felt like we needed to go ahead and bomb Iran to stop their nuclear program, he’d order it done and then he’d be willing to deal with the consequences.

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