James Webb’s Sex And N-Bomb-A-Palooza!

In Virginia, the Senate race has turned into the battle of N-Bombs. You’ve got Democrats coming out of the woodwork to accuse Allen of using the N-word and now there is an accusation out there that Webb was calling black Americans, “racial epithets and pointed fake guns at blacks to scare them.”

Of course, both sides are denying the charges. Are they lying? Are they telling the truth? Since we’re talking about unverifiable accusations made by partisans about events that happened decades ago, it’s difficult to say.

On the other hand, there is no argument that some of James Webb’s books have used racist language in them — which is intriguing given the situation. Here we have this debate over who said what to whom when, and yet, everyone acknowledges that Webb has used the N-word in print, but no one is printing exactly what he wrote…until today.

As all of RWN’s regular readers know, I’m a big fan of putting together lists of quotations. Well today, I’m going to post just SOME of the most vulgar quotations from SOME of James Webb’s books.

Now, I will grant you that these are works of fiction. But, certainly in the past, liberals at the Boston Globe & The New York Times — among other MSM outlets — have taken issue with things written by conservatives under similar circumstances, so it doesn’t seem improper to put some of the vile racism and deviant sexual behavior that Webb has written about out there so people can make their own decisions about it.

Enjoy, or alternately, if you’re with the Webb campaign — cringe!

From Fields of Fire:

Snake sees his mother on the bed: “She looked as if she were carefully attempting to re-create a picture from some long-forgotten men’s magazine…She was naked underneath the robe….and the robe fell loosely away, revealing her. Snake shrugged resignedly.” — P.9

“N*ggers, Jesus Christ. I never thought Cannonball was like that. Get ’em back in the rear and they turn to sh*t.” — p.217

“He saw the invitation with every bouncing breast and curved hip…He was thirteen…She was fifteen…In a few moments she drew him to her and he murmured in his quiet voice, ‘I am still small.’ ‘You are large enough,’ she answered. And he found he was.” — P.280-281

“…(T)hey want stupid n*ggers, they’d all pay to see a dumb*ss n*gger.” — P.302

From Something To Die For:

“Fogarty…watch[ed] a naked young stripper do the splits over a banana. She stood back up, her face smiling proudly and her round breasts glistening from a spotlight in the dim bar, and left the banana on the bar, cut in four equal sections by the muscles of her vagina.” — P.36

“We’re on our way to becoming the world’s recreational center, a nation [USA] not to be taken seriously. Where are we still the undisputed leader? Music. Movies. Fast food. Drugs. . . . the billboards fifty years from now as you come over the bridge and stop at the tollbooths outside Manhattan: A smiling beautiful naked woman, and the sign saying AMERICAN *SS IS OUR MOST IMPORTANT PRODUCT.” — P.199

From A Country Such As This:

“Don’t know why I crave watermelon the way I have over the past few weeks. Jimmy says I must have a n*gger in the woodpile.” — P.34

“You’re so nice, sometimes I forget you’re a Yankee. What you all don’t understand is, some of my best friends really are n*ggers. N*ggers are just different, that’s all. What’s wrong with that?” — P.34

Jimmy: “He got that n*gger band in there again. It sounds like a d*mn juke joint.”

Red: Personally, “Jimmy, I like n*gger music. In fact, I even like Negroes!”

Jimmy: “Well, so do I. I think everybody should own at least one.” — P.42

I’m an Old South n*gger, he thought suddenly, smiling and nodding to Ambassador somebody or other. Yes, massa. Smilin over here, massa. Pickin it up over her, massa. Whooee. My mind right, massa.” — P.122

Discussing retiring to Miami, FBI agent Drought says: “and the n*ggers are everywhere, you’re not going to get away from them.” — P.208

Two North Vietnamese nurses attended Red in the hospital, flirting with him coyly, until one day when one of them came to him, took off her top, stuck her breasts in Red’s mouth, and masturbated him.” — P.398

Again, these aren’t all of Webb’s books and there are a lot more quotations that could have been added if I wanted to post every n-bomb or sex scene, but I thought it was better to just hit the high spots.

PS: I would happily pay $10 to the first reporter who will read the, “cut in four equal sections by the muscles of her vagina,” quote to Webb during a press conference and ask him if he thinks that’s an appropriate topic for a United States Senator to write about.

PS #2: Can anyone even try to pretend that a Republican candidate who wrote this sort of material wouldn’t absolutely be ripped to shreds by the mainstream press?

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