Q&A Friday #50: Tribunals & Interrogation Rules

Question: “What do you think about the Senate approving the Detainee bill?” — DarkConservative

Answer: Despite McCain and Company trying to stick a fly in the soup, we’re going to have rules in place that give Bush 95% of what he wants on tribunals and interrogation rules. We’re going to have clear rules in place, that allow us to effectively interrogate and try these terrorists without going over the line into torture, giving them classified info, or putting them through the civilian court system.

It’s good for the country, good for the war effort, and it’s good for the Republican Party — which is why Bush handled it perfectly.

If he’d waited until after the election to bring this up, a lot more Democrats would have given in to liberal pressure and gone the wrong way. But now, right before an election, the Democrats have to either infuriate their base by voting for these measures or risk being portrayed as weaklings on defense to the voters by going against them. So, Bush made sure that he got what he wanted to fight the war on terror and put the Democrats in a lose/lose position politically at the same time.

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All in all, it was a very clever maneuver.

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