Q&A Friday #55: Is Ric Flair Going To Run For Office?

Question: “Is there any truth to the rumors about a possible NC Governor’s run by Rick Flair? If so, would you support him? Which is really just my way of politely asking what the Nature Boy’s political leanings are.” — Good_Ol_Boy

Answer: As an ex-Charlottean, I can tell you that Ric Flair is a diehard Republican and he’s well-liked. However, Flair spent decades drinking, screwing, and partying his way across the country and then went into great detail about a lot of the things he did in his biography. Here’s a little sample. It’s a quote from wrestling promoter Davy Crockett about Flair:

“When Ric was a bad guy, the women loved to hate him. But, when the show was over, they loved to be with him. He had a bad habit of taking his clothes off. He’d come out of the bathroom, walk up to a female sitting on the couch, and tap her on the head. Only he wasn’t tapping her with his finger.”

The bio, which I’ve read, is absolutely full of stuff like that…although, on the other hand, Arnold Schwarzenegger was nearly as bad back in his bodybuilding days. In an unauthorized bio I read about him, way back in the day before he ran for office, it said that he would literally walk up to women on the beach that he had never met before and say, “Do you wanna do the hibbetty jibbetty,” but in much more explicit language.

Of course, Arnold managed to win a special election, in a very accelerated time frame, so a lot of his background material never went public and then, once he was reelected, it wasn’t a big issue. But, Flair? He’s a likable guy (and his bio is one hell of a wild read), but it would be too hard for him to get elected after living that sort of lifestyle for so long.

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