Q&A Friday #55: What About A Zombie Invasion?

Question: “If a horde of flesh-eating zombies were to suddenly begin spreading across America… (Hey don’t laugh, those poor schmucks in the movies never think that it could happen to them either) what steps would you take to survive? Where would you go? Are you prepared for this unlikely event?” — Good_Ol_Boy

Answer: In a society that’s as heavily armed as America, I just don’t think the sort of spread of zombies that you usually see in the movies would be possible. Remember, the way it usually works is that the disease is spread when the generally slow moving zombie shambles up and takes a bite out of you before you can smash his head in with a baseball bat. In the real world, human beings would win those fights with superior firepower and quickly deplete the zombie population.

As far as preparation goes, since I live in hurricane country, I’m probably better prepared than most people. I have bottled water, several days worth of soup, a gun, and Patton, who I’m sure would make a great zombie detector. So, I could afford to hole up for a few days to try to wait the zombies out if need be. But, if I had to take off for somewhere because this area was overrun, well, Fort Bragg is only a few hours away. You’d have to think that would be a safe spot if you could make it that far.

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Question: “John, I thought that Zombies were the “undead” and as such, a baseball bat or a bullet has absolutely no affect on them??? Maybe I’m remembering 50’s “B” movies incorrectly, but how, exactly, do you kill something that’s already dead?” — JonW

Answer: Most movies now portray zombies as people infected with a disease who die and come back almost immediately as a zombie or as living human beings infected with a disease. In either case, doing damage to their brain is usually portrayed as the only way to kill them.

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