Q&A Friday #57: What About The People Who Are Banned?

Question: “Could you provide a list of all of the posters you have banned, and if you have time, why you banned them?” — _FRANKVOIKEL

Answer: When it comes to people who are banned, I don’t respond to their email, keep a list of their nicknames, or any sort of list of why they were banned and I probably never will until the Democratic Congress passes the “Fairness for Liberal Trolls Act” that imposes $100,000 fines for not sending that information into the FEC.

But, this is a good opportunity to note the rules for comment posting from the FAQ:

Are There Any Rules About Posting Comments?: Yes, please don’t flame excessively, use an exceptional amount of vulgar language, call anyone a “towelhead,” “raghead,” or “wetback,” continually post off topic material, spam, use racial or gay slurs, libel anyone, troll, make threats, or challenge anyone to fight.

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In short, don’t be a jerk.

If that won’t work for you, I’ll delete your posts and ban your IP. If you are banned and genuinely don’t know why, email me. If you know you were doing something mentioned above and you are banned, please don’t try to get around the ban. Do everybody involved a favor and find somewhere else to post where they appreciate what you have to say.

I would also note that if you’re brand new at RWN, you’re on a shorter leash than people who have been here for a while. If I log into Movable Type and see nicknames I don’t recognize, take a look at what they have to say, and it comes across like trolling, I don’t hesitate to get rid of them immediately. People who’ve been around a little longer get a little more rope.

I do ban conservatives and liberals, but a lot more libs end up getting bounced because a lot of them show up here with a chip on their shoulder looking to pick a fight.

Last but not least, there are moderators who can also delete posts, but I’m the only one who can ban somebody. So, if someone’s banned, it’s because I personally held his head down on the block with my foot and swung the axe.

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