Q&A Friday #57: Why No “24” Commentary?

Question: “What’s with the serious lack of commentary about the start of “24”? — Mike_M

Answer: Well, since I got TiVo, I have no idea what time or channel anything comes on. I just set it to record shows and then, whenever I have time to watch TV, I take a look at whatever looks to be the most interesting thing I happen to have recorded.

Unfortunately, in this case, I went in to put “24” on my Season Pass list a while back, before it had showed up, and it wasn’t there. Then, I forgot I didn’t get it on the list. So, when I turned on the TV and looked for “24,” it wasn’t there, because I didn’t set the TiVo to grab it. Because of that, I missed the first two episodes and didn’t even realize it until after they’d both already shown.

So, I have seen the nuke clip and have heard a good bit about what happened on the show, but I haven’t seen any episodes yet.

PS: Month 5 of a Barack Obama presidency courtesy of “24?”

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