Q&A Friday #6: What Are Your Favorite TV Shows

Question: “What are your favorite TV shows currently on the air?” — Carstairs38

Answer: Let’s see, currently I’d have to say…

— The Simpsons
— Southpark
— Reno 911
— CSI (Las Vegas)
— WWE Raw
— WWE Smackdown (Semi-Regularly)
— X-Files
— Carolina Panther Football Games
— Chappelle’s Show (Semi-Regularly)

Believe it or not, I watch very little Cable News, I usually don’t watch the Sunday morning shows, and other than Panther Football, I don’t watch sports. I do, however, watch quite a few movies. In fact, I’ve bought a Blockbuster pass so I can rent out 3 movies at a time, any time I like and it’s not unusual for me to have a movie rolling while I work on compiling news for RWN.

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