Q&A Friday #6: Who Would The Ideal President Be Today?

Question: “You are an obvious supporter and admirer of President Bush even though you have expressed doubts about certain portions of his domestic agenda. Who do you honestly think would be the ideal President, and why?” — JSingh

Answer: That’s an easy question. Ronald Reagan. Since the Gipper was in office, the country has moved to the right and now he’d have a Republican Congress to work with. That would mean he’d probably be EVEN MORE effective than he was when he was back in the eighties.

With Reagan in office, I think you’d see a foreign policy agenda similar to the one that Bush has and a more conservative domestic policy. That would suit me perfectly.

But of course, it’s not really fair to compare W. to the Gipper. I consider Reagan to be one of the great Presidents of all time, right up there with Washington, Jefferson, Madison, & Lincoln. So measuring up to Reagan is a task almost no one on the political scene today can do…

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