Q&A Friday #8: Can The “Arnold Amendment” Pass?

Question: “With media chatter seeming to keep increasing, will anyone seriously take up the banner for the “Arnold Amendment” to allow foreign-born citizens to hold the office of President or VP? Would it stand a chance of being ratified?” — Mike_M

Answer It’s very, very, difficult to amend the Constitution. It requires a 2/3rd majority vote in the House and Senate and then 38 state legislatures have to go along with it. So if you’re going to amend the Constitution, you have to have an issue that reaches across party lines and really moves people to act….and the “Arnold Amendment” just doesn’t meet that threshold.

A lot of Americans, myself included, are generally opposed to letting foreign-born citizens run for the presidency and they’re not going to change their minds just so Arnold can have a shot at it. So, I don’t think the Arnold Amendment has any chance whatsoever ever passing.

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