Q&A Friday #8: Piece Of Crap List

Question: “Would you ever consider starting a “Piece of Crap List”, and if so, who would be on it?” — Schroman2002

Answer: A “Piece of Crap List” huh? Is this some sort of free floating list of people, places, & things I don’t like? I’ll give it a whirl..

The RWN Piece of Crap List
Arundhati Roy
Best Buy
Cranberry Juice
Jesse Jackson
Jimmy Carter
Noam Chomsky
Paris Hilton
Political Correctness
Steel Magnolias (The Movie)
Ted Rall
The Abyss (The Movie)
The United Nations

*** Update #1 *** After reading through the comments section, I thought I owed you a bit of an explanation on some of these.

Best Buy: Good products, good price, but I had unbelievably bad customer service experiences returning a computer and car radio there. I actually even wrote an article about the computer back in my Brass Knuckles Webzone days and a lot of other people told me they had the same problem returning products there…

Cats: I don’t hate cats per se, but they’re just so incredibly overrated as pets. I mean if cats were considered to be on the same level as say ferrets, rabbits, or iguanas, I wouldn’t care. But, how can anyone compare a snobby, half-wild, cat to a dog, an animal that earned the title man’s best friend? More here =D…

Cats Suck (ICQ Prank)
Cats or Dogs. Which are the Better Pets?

Macintoshes:I know people who have macs tend to love them, but I find them to be annoying. Probably because they’re such a pain in the butt to troubleshoot when they have a problem…

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