Q&A Friday #8: What’s The Best Way To Deal With Criticism On A Blog?

Question: “How would you respond to someone who attacks you and your writings in a cowardly way on his own blog without giving you any chance to respond?” — Joey_D

Answer: Most blogs aren’t going to give you any chance to respond to what they said unless it’s in the comments section. Even then you have to remember that if you’re on their blog, they have the power to delete your comments and their readers are going to generally side with them.

Personally, I usually don’t bother replying on RWN unless the other blog is really big, has what I consider to be a valid point, or I think responding would be entertaining for my readers. Otherwise, I just ignore them.

My philosophy is why give them a link, attention on my blog, and waste my time responding to some silly criticism made by a person who, in a lot of cases, only has a very small, left-wing, audience in the first place? It would be counter-productive to even bother with addressing what they have to say.

So generally, you’re better off just developing a thick skin and not worrying about every critical post on another blog…

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