Q&A Friday #81: If You Could Erase Any One Person From History, Who Would It Be?

Question: “If you could go back and completely erase one person from the pages of history, who would it be and why?” — Good_Ol_Boy

Answer: Hitler would seem to be a rather obvious choice, but he would be in third place for me.

Second place would be occupied by Karl Marx because Communism produced a higher count than Nazism in the long run and I have to wonder if Communism would have taken off without its “Father.”

However, first place would probably have to go to Muhammad, who made up a religion from scratch that now has more than a billion people under its spell, has helped stagnate the growth of a large part of the world for 5 centuries — and has turned at least 100 million plus of Islam’s current adherents into backwards, misogynistic anti-Semites who support terrorism and murder.

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