Q&A Friday #81: Should Iowa Residents Vote For Fred?

Question: “If you were a resident of Iowa, how would you vote in the Iowa Caucuses on Jan. 3? Because Fred doesn’t have a great following in Iowa and no one else seems terribly stellar, would you consider switching to Democrat for the caucus and trying to get someone other than Hillary through?” — Agent_Westy

Answer: As long as Fred is still in the race, my advice is to vote for Fred because in a 5 way race, with candidates likely to start dropping out and opinion wildly shifting, if he can hang around long enough, he just might pull it out.

In Iowa, he needs to finish in at least 3rd place. 2nd place would probably give him a real jump start. If he shocked everyone and took first, I think he would probably go on to win it.

Granted, the odds are against Fred pulling it out. Of course, the odds were against conservatives when we fought to stop Harriet Miers and fought against the Senate amnesty bill, too. We won both of those fights and we can win this one as well.

Of course, we may very well lose this time, but I’m of the opinion that unless it’s a hopeless case, in the end, you always benefit from going down fighting.

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