Q&A Friday #89: What 10 People Would You Invite To A Non-Political Dinner Party?

Question: “If you could invite five people to a dinner party, who would they be?

Two qualifications:

Must be currently alive.
No political figures.” — jimg

Answer: First of all, let’s go 10 deep here and, yes, I realize that there are no women on the list, but if I threw a dinner party with all these people at it, getting lots of attractive women to show up wouldn’t be a problem.


Fedor Emelianenko: I used to be a martial arts junky in college and I still enjoy watching the Pride Fighting Championships; so how could I pass up an opportunity to chat with the best fighter on the entire planet for a few minutes?

Billy Graham: Because there are some spiritual questions I’d like to ask and I’m not sure there could be anybody better to put them to.

John Douglas: I really admire the work he did with the FBI’s profiling division and I would bet he could tell some hellacious stories.

Bill Gates: He’s probably the greatest entrepreneur in the country and he knows everything about everything when it comes to business and the net.

Vince McMahon: Honestly, I haven’t watched a lot of wrestling lately, but I’m still a fan of the business and McMahon is a wild, fascinating character. It would be great to ask him about some of the controversies he has been involved in.

Cesar Millan: He knows more about dogs than anybody alive and more about people than most. He’d be a great guy to talk with.

David Petraeus & Tommy Franks: They’re both military geniuses and I would really love to pick their brains about Iraq, Iran, North Korea and Afghanistan.

Tony Robbins: Because I’m a big fan of his writing — and his books have had a huge impact on my thought process.

Joss Whedon: He’s the guy behind Firefly, Angel, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, all of which I really enjoyed, and I think it would be entertaining to talk with him about the shows, the creative process, what he’s working on now, that sort of thing.

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