Q&A Friday #89: Of Course, The Democrats Are Appeasers

Question: “I trust the American people to understand that it’s not weakness, but wisdom to talk not just to our friends, but our enemies – like Roosevelt did, and Kennedy did, and Truman did.- Barack Obama 05/06/2008

Why the freak out then today by democrats? And since when has Obama been concerned with “false political attacks?” He has been using them against McCain now for months by repeatedly saying he wanted 100 years of war.

For all of the huffing and puffing from the left over the speech in Israel, no one addressed President Bush’s point. So if you had to explain how talking with our enemies is going to result in a different outcome this time than what is has historically, how would you do it?” — bn853

Answer: In Hamlet, Shakespeare once wrote the line, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” and it is quite applicable here.

I mean, here’s a very honest, but uncomfortable question: who have the Democrats in Congress aided more during the war on terror: America or Al-Qaeda?

The honest answer: it’s Al-Qaeda.

Is that because they love Al-Qaeda? No, it’s because they misunderstand human nature and thus would practically prefer supplicating themselves before our enemies to try to prove our good intentions instead of taking them on.

Moreover, comparing today’s Democratic Party to Neville Chamberlain is too kind. As Ann Coulter has said,

“Democrats are on the precipice of securing their reputation as the Chamberlains of our time. In fact, today’s appeasers are worse than Neville Chamberlain: Chamberlain didn’t have himself as an example.”

The Democrats in Congress, Barack Obama included, are foolish to the point of being dangerous and if they were to be left to their own devices and didn’t have to do things to please the American people, who have much more common sense than the average liberal, they couldn’t survive.

Put another way, if the entire population of the United States was replaced with 300 million liberals — in 20 years, most of them would be dead and the country would be in ruins because they literally don’t have as much common sense as a wild animal, that will at least fight if you back it up into a corner and try to kill it.

Update #1: From the comments section,

“What gets me is that even though President Bush didn’t mention anybody in particular, Obama and the rest of the Dims automatically go on the defensive. What does that say about them?…

The terrorist-states around the world say they would be thrilled with an Obama presidency. Don’t the Dims want to address that? What is it about Obama that has our ENEMIES perfectly fine with the idea of him being in the White House?” — The_Muck_Man

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