Q&A Friday #89: What Gun Should I Get?

Question: “Hi John, question: I am in the market for handgun (single, living alone woman) for protection and to go to the shooting range with. I have had quite a few opinions as to what I should purchase but I am still on the fence some say a 22 some say a 38 so I am just wondering if you could give a gal some suggestions as what would be the best bet. Anyone else is welcome to comment as well. Thanks!” — karensp9

Answer: I use a HS 2000 9MM although eventually, I’d like to keep that in the car and use a shotgun for the house.

That being said, there are a lot of gun aficionados who read RWN and I think they could do a better job of giving you advice in the comments section than I could. So, how about giving karensp9 some advice, fellas?

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