Q&A Friday #91: Not Alex

Question: “Have you seen the pro-Obama “Not Alex” ad currently running on many mainstream news networks? I saw this ad on TV a few days ago, right after a snippet of Obama talking about his decision to accept private financing, and how it was influenced by John McCain’s refusal to get “527 groups” under control.

Has Obama denounced this ad yet?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sq30lapbC9c” — President_Friedman

Answer: Here’s the ad for people who haven’t seen it — and you should watch it once because it’s one of the stupidest, least effective political ads ever made,

So, you have trailer trash girl there with her adorable baby and she talks about how cute he is and how he loves to chase after the dog and then she tells John McCain not to take her baby and send him to Iraq because we’re going to be fighting there for 100 years.


* John McCain isn’t going to be President when the kid is old enough to join the military.

* Because the average members of MoveOn spent their formative years huffing paint instead of reading a history book or watching the news, they seem oblivious to the fact that we’ve had troops in places like Germany, Japan, and Korea for decades and they’re not getting killed. If we do have troops in Iraq for 100 years, it would be like having troops in those places — well, excerpt there would be more sand, camels, and doggone would it be hot.

* We have a volunteer military and so when little Alex turns 18, he’ll be able to decide whether he wants to join the military or not and John McCain will have absolutely nothing to do with it.

As to Obama denouncing this ad, of course he hasn’t, because he has said the same sort of dumb, dishonest things that the mother in the ad does.

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