Q&A Friday #91: Who Would Win A Fight Between Buffy And Xena?

Question: “The real question should be who would win between Buffy and Xena? Yes, that was a true dinner time conversation animatedly discussed around the dinner table (I have two boys). I went with Buffy.” — Bruce L-C

Answer: This was a surprisingly tough question, perhaps because I’ve seen every episode of both shows. But, here’s what I’m thinking….

On the one hand, Buffy essentially has super powers, but let’s face it: Xena’s abilities, for whatever reason, are way more than human as well. That’s probably because Ares, the God of War, is her real father. They certainly implied it in at least a couple of episodes. That’s pretty creepy if you think about it, given that the two of them were romantically linked on more than one occasion.

Setting that aside, Buffy may have fought vampires, demons, and one god — Glory, but Xena definitely fought a tougher class of villain over the length of the show. Granted, Xena spent a lot of time smacking around hapless thugs, but she also spent episode after episode fighting and defeating huge monsters and gods during the show.

So, even though my sympathies lie with Buffy, in a 1 on 1 fight, I think you’d have to put your money on Xena — unless — and this is a big “unless” — their friends got involved, which regularly happened during the course of both shows.

I mean Gabrielle may be handy with a staff, but pretty clearly, Buffy & Angel or Buffy & Spike > Xena & Gabrielle. Even if you got a little deeper into it, I’d have to say Willow > King of thieves and God help us all, Xander > Joxur.

Still, in the spirit of the original question, I’m going to consider it to be a 1 on 1 fight and therefore, the winner would be…

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