Q&A Friday: Do I Read The Comments?

Question: “John, do you actually read the comments? It seems that you only make comments about our comments every once in a while. Do you just post and sit back and watch what happens? Or do you just post and occasionally check in on what we’re talking about?” — bungoman85

Answer: I probably read about 90% of the comments, but sometimes when there are several large threads on the front page, I don’t get around to reading through them all. I’d actually like to add a couple of moderators to make sure nothing inappropriate sneaks in under the radar, but Movable Type doesn’t have a setting that allows people to only add and delete comments.

Also, I usually don’t chime in because I figure that if I’m going to be writing, I should do it on the front page where everybody is going to see it instead of in the comments section where I’m going estimate…oh..let’s say 10-15% of RWN’s readers are going to catch what I said. If I’m going to pump out a thousand plus words a day on RWN — which isn’t unusual at all — I want the maximum number of people to read it.

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