Q&A Friday: WMD In Iraq

Question: “I’d like to see you comment on the sarin and mustard gas findings in Iraq. Finally some actual chemical weapons and not just leads, yet the liberals are saying they don’t count as evidence of weapons of mass destruction because they are most likely from the time of the first Iraq war.” — Entropy

Answer: After David Kay’s told the public what he found, I had almost written off the idea that Saddam had in stockpiles sitting around (although Hussein was working on a Ricin program and had restarted his nuclear program after the inspectors left in 1998). However, between the recent mustard gas and sarin finds, and the attempted VX nerve gas attack in Jordan perpetrated by Al-Qaeda terrorists coming out of Syria, I now think it’s entirely possible that Saddam sent his stockpiles over to Syria before the war or simply has them buried somewhere in the desert like those MiGs the Aussies found. In any case, Saddam did have WMD programs going right up until the war and we have found WMD in Iraq, including enough sarin in that one shell (3-4 liters) to kill thousands of people. As far as I’m concerned, that’s more than enough to justify President Bush’s concern about Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction.

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