Quick and Dirty “A.I.” Review:

Quick and Dirty “A.I.” Review: I caught Steven Spielburg’s “AI” this week-end and it was a disappointing movie. To make a long story short, a company makes a robot that looks exactly like a real child (I found it to be creepy but that’s just me). It also has the capacity to “love” a person. The robot is put with a real family that has a comatose child. Everything goes ok for a while until the couple’s real child awakens from the coma and comes back into the house. Due of some unfortunate incidents, the robot has to leave.

That’s when things start to get VERY tired and trite. At this point in the movie, the plot becomes a cross between Pinocchio and a dozen different Star Trek episodes featuring “Data” or the holographic doctor from “Star Trek: Voyager.” But, the movie STILL could of been saved. I won’t ruin it for you, but there’s a scene involving a Ferris wheel that SHOULD have been the end of the movie. If Spielburg would of had the courage to end things at this point, the movie would of had a dark, disturbing, unhappy ending. BUT, it would of been much more memorable and thought provoking. However, Spielburg just had to go for the end of “ET” instead of the end of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and he came up with the most far-fetched, annoying, scenario to end a movie since Duchovny’s “Evolution.”

So to sum things up, since the movie starts strong, loses momentum, and comes to a wretched finish, I’d have to give this movie the big thumbs down

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