Slogans For The Saudi Ad

Slogans For The Saudi Ad Campaign: The Saudis are working on 10 million dollar ad campaign to convince Americans of what great allies they are. Here are a few slogans for the ads suggested by the crazy kids at “Happy Fun Pundit“…

“The Rulers of Saudi Arabia — We’re not the biggest @ssholes.”

“Saudi Arabia — Now with 40% less treachery!”

“The House of Saud — We suck, but we have a lot of money.”

“Saudi Arabia — Come for the oil, stay for the beheadings.”

“Saudi Arabia — At least we don’t have women drivers, and you know how they are.”

“Saudi Arabia — America’s 130th most staunch ally in the war against terror. The Sudanese, now those guys are sh*theads.”

“Saudi Arabia — Not just for ululating fanatics anymore.”

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