Quick Hits For October 22, 2004

(*** For this post, I’m going to cover a variety of different topics in three sentences or less ***)

“The Ansar al-Sunnah Army in Iraq has issued two new statements, including congratulating Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s Tawheed wal-Jihad Movement on being designated by the White House as a terrorist organization. Referring to Usama Bin Laden as “our Shaykh”, Ansar Sunnah boasted that John Kerry’s recent criticisms of President Bush’s efforts in the war on terror have ‘increased the joy in our hearts‘”. Whether it’s Vietnam or Iraq, you can always count on John Kerry to cheer up America’s enemies…

— You need proof that liberalism has lost the war on ideas with conservatism? Consider that John Kerry, one of the most liberal members of the Senate, is doing hunting photo-ops and speeches on his “faith”. You don’t see George Bush visiting abortion clinics, visiting the NAACP, or hanging out with anti-war protestors do you?

— Here’s a suggestion for the bloggers out there: register for Blogdex. It’s quick, easy, can help get more conservative stories on Blogdex, and can help increase the traffic for you and your favorite blogs. PS: I believe they may have done some sort of database purge judging by the number of links making the front page so even if you’ve registered before, you may need to do so again.

— Three Bloggers who’d be just phenomenal if they posted more: Rachel Lucas, Mickey Kaus, & Moxie.

— Here’s a short John O’Neill interview I forgot to link last night. Here’s a sample:

Aylward – On a personal level, what has been the most surprising or shocking thing that you’ve learned through this whole experience.

O’Neill – The level of depravity in John Kerry’s soul.

— Anybody who tells you there’s going to be a draft either has pudding for brains or is deliberately lying to you and in either case, you shouldn’t be paying any attention to them. More on why that is here & here. Feel free to spread the word to any nervous college kids (or their parents) that you happen to know.

— I plan to see the The Grudge this week-end at the movie theater & The Day After Tomorrow On Video. The Grudge sounds like a wickedly cool adaption of a Japanese horror film. The Day After Tomorrow — well, I’m hoping the niftyness of the special effects > than the environmental wackiness of the movie.

— The ten political/military/legal figures who I haven’t interviewed before and who aren’t currently holding political office that I’d most like to interview: Robert Bork, George Bush Sr., Matt Drudge, Tommy Franks, Newt Gingrich, Jonah Goldberg, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Morris, Margaret Thatcher, & Joe Scarborough. I’ve tried to get interviews with all of these people except Bush Sr. (I’m waiting until after the election for him) but haven’t had any luck. If there are any RWN readers out there who happen to know these people and can put in a good word for me, I’d certainly appreciate it.

— Here’s some interesting polling info: Real Clear Politics lists 42 Bush Vs. Kerry, head to head, polls that occurred from September 1 to the present. Bush won 34, Kerry won 4, and their were 4 ties. So the reality is that Bush is ahead (+5 in latest poll, 3.5 spread over the last 4 polls, 8 wins and 2 ties over the last 10 polls), has been ahead, and will likely stay ahead all the way through November 2nd.

— The Battleground Polls that came out yesterday are good news for Bush. Michigan (17) now officially appears to be in play & Bush is leading in Iowa (7), Minnesota (10), and Wisconsin (10). If you believe the latest polls, we’re getting to the point where Kerry may have to take Florida (which seems to be leaning Bush by a small margin) AND Ohio (which looks like a toss-up right now) to win which is very unlikely. But, while Bush is still in the catbird’s seat, it’s still too close to call and Kerry could still pull it out.

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