The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: Viva La Castro!

One of the most puzzling things about the American left is the natural tendency of many of their numbers to sympathize with anyone who hates their country.

Which brings us to a thread at the Democratic Underground called “Why do people hate Castro so much? Still?“. And while there are a few people who aren’t Castro fans posting the thread, it’s loaded with lots of people who’re obviously fans of the old thug…or at least not fans of his enemy America. Big surprise to find people like that in a Democratic enclave huh?

Take Fidel Castro for instance.

Here’s an anti-American, Communist, dictator who rules his nation which is 90 miles off our coast by force, throws dissenters in prison, and has run Cuba so poorly that people are willing to try to cross the ocean on anything that will float to get out of there. Yet, Castro is adored by left-wing celebrities like Oliver Stone, Harry Belafonte, Jesse Jackson, Norman Mailer, Danny Glover, Jack Nicholson, Naomi Campbell & Kevin Costner.

So here’s a few of the aforementioned DU’er’s on Castro….

indigobusiness: “…I read something recently how people, in places like Cuba, who have so little materially and focus their lives on relationships are far happier. That is so telling.”

prayin4rain “(The guy who started the thread in another post) Does anyone have a legitimate and objective site that claims he has killed all of these innocent people, (I’m not being sarcastic) because I can’t find one. I found an encyclopedia site that stated that was a claim made by the US, but that is all. This is the site I found and like a said he doesn’t sound like a Saint but he doesn’t seem that bad either. — If one of you who seems to know why he is so hated has something for me to read I would appreciate it. Also, I did study him a little bit in Spanish class and again the HATE is lost on me.”

H2O Man: “Castro has a beard and one simply can NOT trust a man with a beard. It’s been pointed out on DU that Al Gore wore a beard for a period of time; the US Supreme Court anticipated this, and ruled he was unfit to serve as president. Karl Marx had a beard, and he forced millions of poor people into slavery in the USSR and China …. those same lost souls could have lived in the lap of luxury under a clean-shaven George W. Bush. I grow very suspicious of the motivation of those who advocate for beady-eyed men with beards.”

soothsayer: “Good old fashioned hubris. They just can’t stomach that he’s WINNING just by his mere existence, he is BEATING the great US of A. We tried to kill him thru exploding cigars, poision, and even tried making his hair and beard fall out so he’d lose respect. We couldn’t get the job done, so it makes us look bad.”

Zhade: “Because they are woefully misinformed about Castro and Cuba in general. They’ve been fed lies from this government for decades, and despite all evidence to the contrary still believe those lies.

It’s very Republican of them. I have no idea why they believe the way they do, and no idea how to inform them when people much more involved in the issue have tried to no avail.

They should visit Cuba (too bad it’s illegal) and see for themselves just how accurate their view of reality toward Cuba is.”

bandera: “Quite right. But, it’s so much easier and PC to remain ignorant. And, it comes in handy to show off their “I’m an anti-Communist” credentials. Mustn’t upset the Right Wingers, you know.”

ElsewheresDaughter: “Faux & friends were laughing this morning when they showed castro falling they make me SICK!!!”

stavka: “I don’t hate Castro, in fact I respect him.”

leesa: “Because (Castro) stole their profiteering constructs in favor of the populace’s long-term welfare. He was harsh, but the could have a self-sustaining country if we would stop messing with them. They have an excellent educational and healthcare system. Something we completely lack.”

catbert836: “Castri isn’t a paragon of virtue but George W is even worse. At least you can count on Castro to do what he says he’ll do. We’re just mad because we still want to control Cuba as our legacy from the Spanish-American War.”

Marx_redux: “I am not sure most people hate Castro. probably just the same ones that hate Muslims, Jews, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics or any other non-white peoples. Hmmm Evil has a name and it is Republican.”

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