Quote Of The Day #2: It Almost Sounds As If They Hate Them For Their Freedom

“The United States faces a lot of foreign enemies in Iraq. Most of these are individuals from other Moslem countries, come to oppose the “American war against Islam.” These are usually the foot soldiers and suicide bombers for al Qaeda. But this year, another foreign foe has been showing up in larger numbers; Saudi Arabians opposed to democracy. Many religious Saudis believe democracy is un-Islamic. They tolerate a king, as long as he says that his primary job is to guard Islam’s holy cities of Mecca and Medina, with running the kingdom just an incidental chore (done in consultation with Islamic clerics and scholars). But democracy implies that people rule themselves, which is blasphemy. God rules man, via the holy scriptures and the guidance of Islamic scholars and clerics. So many more (we’re talking hundreds here) young Saudis are heading north to fight the democracy evil, and taking with them lots of money (we’re talking millions of dollars here) from older, but wealthier, Saudis who agree on the evils of democracy. Most Saudis also despise the idea of Shia Arabs running Iraq, which is what is going on right now. To compound that sin, the Iraqi government was elected by majority votes. All very un-Islamic, and worthy of the most severe punishment.” — Strategy Page, Nov 12

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