The GOP’s Soon To Be Improving Fortunes

There sure are a lot of excited Democrats out there who think they’ve got George Bush and the GOP right where they want them. They think they’re going to get the Senate back, they think they’re going to get the House back, they think it’s going to be their year in 2006.

But, they have one big problem: they peaked a year too early.

For example, just consider Iraq.

Today, Iraq is hurting Bush at the polls. But, after Saddam is tried (and hopefully hung), the Iraqis have another election in December, and large numbers of our troops come home in 2006 because the Iraqis are able to defend themselves, support for the war will likely go north of 50% again. Heck, if Iraqi President Jalal Talabani turns out to be right and no more American troops are needed in Iraq by the end of 2006, 70% support of the war in Iraq by November of next year wouldn’t be out of the question:

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“Iraqi President Jalal Talabani said on Saturday that it may be possible to reach an agreement by the end of 2006 on the withdrawal of foreign troops from his country.

Speaking to reporters in Rome at the end of a week-long visit to Italy, Talabani said the Iraqis were training their police and soldiers to try to create the conditions for foreign troops to be able to leave.

“We are looking forward to the day we can say goodbye to the forces of the coalition,” he said. “If things continue as they are I think by the end of 2006 we can discuss the end of the presence of foreign troops.”

Even if Murphy’s law kicks in and things don’t go as well as Talabani is saying, imagine the reaction of the American people to having 40k, 50k, 60k American troops come home because they’re no longer needed to keep the peace in Iraq. Bush has been saying that American troops would stand down as Iraqi troops stood up and bringing the troops home from Iraq would prove he was right.

But Iraq isn’t the only issue. Take a look at the economy; it has been strong for two full years now and because of the bias of the mainstream media, most Americans have no idea the economy is strong and vibrant. How much longer can the truth be hidden from the American people?

Then there are gas prices, which are still high, but on their way down. It seems to me that it’s significant that the Democrats are fighting against ANWR tooth and nail even while the average American family is paying a big price at the pump. Sure, there are a few Republicans against ANWR, but the overwhelming majority of Republicans are fighting to drill. So what we see is that even during a gas crunch, Democrats still oppose looking out for America’s future energy needs.

Next are the spending cuts in the Senate and the House. Granted, the cuts are smaller than we’d like, and not through Congress yet, but it’s telling that the overwhelming majority of the GOP is supporting these cuts (with a few dissenting RINOs causing problems), while almost all of the Democrats are fighting against cutting spending. That tells you that even the most fiscally responsible Democrats aren’t any better than the worst Republicans when it comes to controlling spending.

Then we have to consider the White House move to replace Harriet Miers with Samuel Alito, Bush finally fighting back against the left’s lies, the Plamegate investigation fizzling out, and Congress working to protect people’s homes from Kelo-inspired government seizures with the Private Property Rights Protection Act. There’s a lot of momentum building there for Republicans.

Sure, the GOP has more to do, but they seem to be getting the message and are starting to do a much better job of responding to the American public. Meanwhile, what do the Democrats have to offer? Nothing but negativity, knee jerk oppositionalism, and appeasement of our country’s enemies.

Just watch the GOP poll numbers, folks, because they’re going to start going back up relatively soon and by the time everything is said and done, assuming the GOP keeps listening to the people, don’t be surprised if we add seats in the Senate and House in 2006.

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