Quote Of The Day From The Democratic Underground

Quote Of The Day From The Democratic Underground: I found this post on the DU and was quite entertained by it. I mean, where else but the Democratic Underground are you going to find anyone willing to defend Cuba being, “reelected without opposition on Tuesday to the United Nations top human rights body”?

aebenson307: “Bush and Ari are inscensed that Cuba is relected to Human Rights Com. These two lawless gangsters have the gall to condemn The Human Rights Commission for reelecting Cuba to be recognized as a committee member. It will be another chance for them to rain mass Terror down on another committee that these renegade rogue outlaws disagree with.
The USA has already been branded as a major violator of human rights and the worst violator in forty years. Our representatives were not allowed to participate in discussions and were ordered to sit silenced in the back row of the committe meetins with the janitors.

General Powell as Sec of State in mot even embarrassed by this disgrace. He Sure is in with a bad gang of renegades that attract the venom of decent people in the UN and their various committees. He doesn’t care, he can always callup a nuclear strike against anyone that votes against us.

Powell belongs to a group of terrorists that send massive terror to countries that he thinks need a change. Cuba, a country that has the highest health ratings in this hemisphere sends to countries in health distress plane loads of doctors, nurses and assistants to many Latin american countries to fight disease. Cuba sends Humanitarian aid. Powell sends mass murder and terror.

The UN knows who is the Human Rights Violator and Murderer and who is doing help to the needy. Cuba deserves to sit in the front row of the Commission. Powell should be banned as EVIL.”

It’s hard to believe that there are people without guns to their head or big checks from “El Presidente” in their pockets who still think this way….

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