Quote Of The Day: Spin Or A Chafee Betrayal In The Making?

This could be just spin to discourage Republicans from voting for Chafee or it could be genuine given what a huge RINO Chafee is. Either way, I really detest Chafee, so I don’t have any qualms about posting it on here on election day:

I have a friend in Rhode Island—a Democrat torn between his affections for Lincoln Chafee and his desire to make Harry Reid majority leader. Over the weekend, my friend attended a Chafee event and cornered the senator. Now, my friend doesn’t have a personal relationship with Chafee, but he put the question bluntly to him: Why should I stick with you in a race with so many national implications? Chafee pulled my friend aside, lowered his voice, and told him that he might not be a Republican for much longer.

This is just one report. Take it for whatever its worth. — Franklin Foe at The Plank via Sixers

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