Daily News For Nov 7, 2006


Kerry Gaffe Loses Independents For His Party

Polls Give GOP A Lift On Election Eve

Repeat Calls Spur a Debate Over Tactics (Disgraceful Tactic)

Lieberman Says Win Won’t Be Debt to GOP

Rasmussen: On The Day Before Election Day, 45% Of Americans Approve Of The Way That George W. Bush Is Performing His Role As President. This Is The President’s Highest Approval Rating In A Little Over A Month.

Durham DA race is hot


Saddam Will Be Hanged ‘By End-January’

Europeans Urge Iraq Not To Execute Saddam

Al Qaeda Briton ‘Plotted To Kill Thousands

Bombs Rattle Mexico In New Political Worry

IDF Girds For Possibility Of War With Syria, Hezbollah In 2007

Female Suicide Bomber Attacks Israeli Troops In Gaza

Pakistan Proposes Mining Afghanistan Border To Block Taliban

Ortega Seen Winning Nicaragua Election


New Poll: New Jerseyans Want Civil Unions, Not Gay Marriages

New York City Is Moving Forward With A Plan To Let People Alter The Sex On Their Birth Certificate Even If They Have Not Had Sex-Change Surgery. (Bizarre)

Iraqi Emigres In Michigan Cheer Saddam Verdict


Hugh Hewitt Interviews Karl Rove On Election Eve

Bill Whittle: Seeing The Unseen (Long)

Mark Steyn: Election Season Is Bad Time For Slip Of The Quip

Heather Mac Donald: Europe Finds That Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants Brings Ever More Illegals

John Fund: Following The Election Returns. An Hour-By-Hour Guide To Tonight’s Results


Nice Work If You Can Get It: A Closer Look at Campaign Blogger Remunerations

Plan To Create Human-Cow Embryos

Man Ordered To Wear “Sex Offender” T-shirt

Jail For Woman Who Kept Sister-In-Law As Slave

Hot Air introduces…the Absolute Moral Authority card

Website Of The Day: Colorado Family Action Blog

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