Rachel Maddow: Glenn Beck Exploiting Tragedy of 9/11 – But, Guest Melissa Harris-Lacewell Says ‘Healthcare Similar Time of Crisis’ to September 11

I admit, Rachel Maddow is infuriating. She basically spouts off netroots lies as fact and assumes she’s got some kind of wisdom from on high. It’s always pretty pathetic, but it’s especially bad to hear her attack Glenn Beck’s 9-12 Project with a load of distortions and untruths. Maddow claims 9-12 tea parties are politically exploiting September 11, 2001. The events, of course, are commemorations of freedom and protests against Democratic Party tryanny; but the left hates lliberty, so Maddow excoriates concerned citizens for standing up for American values. Of course, if you check Glenn Beck’s page, the principles he champions are things like honesty, charity, hard work, and personal responsiblity – that is, the cultural attributes that have made Americans the most productive people in the world. Here’s Maddow’s really low attack from last night. It’s almost comical in its desperation.

The video is at the link.

Especially pay attention to the Maddow’s question to Professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell at 4:20 minutes: “What’s the connection between disrupting the president during his speech about healthcare and the day after 9/11?” Professor Lacewell’s response is typically despicable, that the healthcare crisis, like September 11, is “similarly facing down our country,” and it’s a time to be “supporting our president regardless of ideology.”

This makes me sick, frankly. The comparison essentially says that high costs, lack of insurance, inefficiencies in healthcare delivery – which is exactly what President Obama decried Wednesday night – are on a comparable level to the horrific terror that brought down the Twin Towers and the Pentagon 8 years ago.

Again, if you want to know why I really dislike leftists, this is it. Talk about exploiting tragedy!

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