Racist Jews? Toronto Star ‘Reporter’ Trivializes Islamist Jihad Genocide Chants at JDL Protest

Part of the fight against leftist totalitarianism, and the alliance of socialism and Islam, deals with the media’s disgraceful terror-enabling “objectivity.”

Blazing Cat Fur’s got another piece up this morning on Denise Balkissoon, the ignorant Toronto Star “reporter” who didn’t know that the “money-changer” slur is the hate language of the Holocaust. Ms. Balkissoon also tweeted that the Islamist hate slurs were nothing more than “petty” taunts. Mark Steyn noted yesterday how the West is giving up the game to the PC-jihadi industry:

Palestine House officials were caught on tape telling Jewish protesters “You need another Holocaust” and “We love jihad … We love killing dogs … your bitches with you”. As a notorious “Islamophobe”, I certainly don’t begrudge anybody his Judeophobia. What I don’t understand is why Canadian taxpayers should subsidize it.

Yet any attempt to roll back funding for such organizations would be met by howls of protest that the government was attacking “immigrant groups” and “human rights”. Lenin famously said the west would “sell us the rope by which we will hang them”. He was underestimating our suicidal stupidity: We’re happy to give it away.


This is what were fighting, “A View From Toronto — A Hub of “Israel Delegitimization”.”

So, my leftist readers, with whom do you stand? I’ll be on this side of the street:



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