Radical Feminist Hate Mail of the Day

It’s not hate mail, actually (but close enough). It’s a STFU Tumblog, “STFUSexists.” And I guess that includes me, and I’m targeted for extra STFU-ing for my neocon-ishness. See, “Another neo-con with a woman problem ? …“:

Now, I’m not expecting much from someone with a No-Bama icon who thinks that Melanie Griffith has written books about why the right wing is awesome, but if you’re claiming to be a political blog, be a f*cking political blog. Even if you’re a stupid political blog, even if your political blog has no basis in reality, be a f*cking political blog. Objectifying women doesn’t count as “culture analysis”. So cut it the f*ck out, and stick to what I’m sure is your wealth of knowledge on foreign policy and the educational system or whatever.

That’s just the conclusion.

Read the rest, and my response, over at my place.

(And here’s one more reason why Theo Spark’s is one of the best hangouts on the web.)

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As always, more neocon-ish hotness at American Power.

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