Rand Paul Asks “Why are we giving foreign aid to countries that persecute women and Christians?” (Video)

Rand Paul Asks “Why are we giving foreign aid to countries that persecute women and Christians?” (Video)

He could have stopped at “Why are we giving foreign aid to countries,” but he still makes a great point:

Paul spoke out Tuesday at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee, urging his colleagues to “use our might to speak for those who cannot” and to stop: supporting governments that condone practices incompatible with American – and human – values.

“The U.S. taxpayer has forked over billions of dollars to the Pakistani government, which condones the persecution of Christians,” Paul: said.

Many countries that receive U.S. foreign aid have laws that officially discriminate against Christians. Persecution of women is wrong. Persecution of Christians is wrong. Persecution of women or Christians in the name of religion must be stood up to. American power, if it is to have value in the world, must be used as a force against persecution. Our aid money, for example, should never go to countries that persecute women or Christians, not one dime. But today, it does.

Paul demanded that the U.S. start placing conditions on the money it doles out to foreign countries: that infringe upon the basic human right of freedom of religious belief.

Rand Paul speaks truth, and there’s a lot of people who don’t like it.

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Rand is 100% correct here. : We should not be giving taxpayer dollars to prop up tin pot dictator, and that’s exactly what foreign aid does. : Our money makes this oppression possible.

It needs to end.

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