Reality Sinks Into A Too Liberal Obama-land

Quite am amazing combination of two You Tube clips via Townhall here and below. The first involves Obama’s Olympian defeat and the concept of Michelle Obama’s noble “sacrifice.”

The second clip involves a press conference around the uncharitable William Henry Gates, Jr. Watch the shock and awe experienced by CNN in both instances. This is the: liberal conventional wisdom, that everyone somehow owes an apology to them,: struggling to come: to terms with reality. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to what most liberals think.

Most Americans more likely believe that the liberal and elitist establishment that trumpets them owes America an apology for their behavior over too many long years. How much of their feigned outrage and hand wringing does America have to endure before they finally get the message. America isn’t buying what they’re selling. And that now includes Barack Obama, too.

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They’ve lectured us, run us down, spit on the flag, apologized: for an America most of us: don’t believe is bad: and, most particularly, tried to diminish the office of the presidency over the last eight years – to say nothing of how it was: diminished: by: Bill Clinton during his scandalous eight years. But now they’ve captured it. Suddenly they think all because of one man, one election, that’s suddenly all magically reversed?

They believe they actually have the power, as if broad: public opinion: doesn’t count for much anymore. But it always has and always will in America. And now that they are totally exposed, both in Congress and in the WH due to their presumed control, they are also exposed to the message from middle America their previous marginal status: allowed them to ignore.

You don’t speak for us. Your defeats and sorrows are not necessarily ours. You taught us that, if you’ve taught us anything over the years. We are: separate and we are not equal. And so long as you remain outnumbered in America, your ultimate influence will remain marginal at best.

Deal with it. Boo hoo hoo! We’re not apologizing for anything, least of all for being Americans and proud. And we don’t need a slogan to rely upon, or try and prove it to you. You have our word and words. And we’ve come to understand that we could never trust yours. It isn’t the center-Right that is endangered and in full retreat. It’s liberalism in America that might not survive Obama’s one term.

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