Republicans: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

Dr. Helen notes that the kvetching by Republicans just might create what we fear most:

Believing that your party is a bunch of losers surely will not help it to improve it and may, in fact, hasten it’s self-destruction–something some Democrats would be happy to see–but why play along while marching in step to the tune of Saul Alinsky? I was watching a show the other night on PBS’s Frontline about a wonderful young boy who was being cyber-bullied by peers stating: “YOU ARE SUCH A LOSER.” The boy believed it and went on to kill himself. He basically self-destructed by incorporating the negativity that others felt for him onto himself and felt that he was not worthy. Now, it seems that many right-leaning citizens feel the same. Instead of saying that there are still ideas and policies that the Republicans have that are worth saving– (national security, low taxes, small government) they have deemed the whole party losers.

She suggests that Republicans stop feeding the negative vibe and reading books like The Power of Positive Thinking.

Well, I believe there is a certain amount of learned helplessness displayed by the Republican leadership, not just the blogosphere, that has lead to the continual buckling on big ideas. For example, the Republicans had a huge opportunity to remake Social Security and it fizzled, not because the American people didn’t want change, but because the ideas weren’t readily received and the Republicans seemed convinced it would fail. And then, it did.

So, our attitude does matter. We need to find a way to cheer up. I find that action and moving in a positive direction helps. So what actions should conservatives take?

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